Endocrinology Research- Factors Affecting The Endocrine System

The endocrine system is a part of the human body which like all living organisms withers with time. There are many changes that take place over the time that are responsible for causing malfunctions in their appropriate behavior. The factors that have an affect the endocrine system are stress, aging, genetics and illness. They have been explained as under.

Stress: Stress is a phenomenon that needs to be coped with. This is done with the help of the secretions of the adrenal glands which help the body respond to them. In case these glands fail to respond, the body becomes inapt in dealing with these stress factors which can lead to huge complications. The stress can be physical, emotional or mental. In some cases, the stress can also be due to worries in regard to something or the other.

Aging: The aging is responsible for causing fluctuations due to the changes in the life of the cells along with the cellular changes that are present. Even though a factor, this is not seen in a majority of the elderly. The changes that might be seen are in terms of the biological activities, the level of the hormones in the main blood stream, their production and secretion, the response that they are supposed to generate from the organs that they target. Apart from these internal systems, some may notice changes in the menstrual cycle.

The problem that is encountered in the case of the elderly is that a majority of the problems are linked to some other causes in spite of them being directly linked to the hormonal imbalance. This makes them harder to be detected compared to the young ones. Almost every gland is affected by the aging process. All of them impair the ability of the endocrine system to work efficiently.

Genetics: As it is well known, the genetics involves genes which are the carriers of the hereditary information. The release of the proteins is taken care of by these. In case of an occurrence of a problem in the structure of these genes (example: a pair missing), there is a possibility of malfunctioning in the way the endocrine system works. Some hormones characteristic to the protein levels may not get released in the appropriate quantities. A problem of this sort can have other complications too which can be as dangerous as cancer.

Illness: This is something that has variable effect from person to person. In some cases, the effect may not at all be visible, while in the others, it may be prominent. The illness can be either one of a small duration or one which is a prolonged one. It is not hard to understand that the acute conditions are the ones that can cause major hormonal discrepancies.

Apart from these, the other factors that can be associated with problems related to the endocrine system and the way it works are those like the endocrine pathologies and various other external factors including the chemicals present in the air.