Endocrinology As A Profession

Endocrinology is the branch of medicinal science that deals with the study and research of the hormones secreted only by the endocrine glands. The reason for this being separate from the rest of the hormone producing and receiving organs because they have a different characteristic of controlling the overall metabolism of the body. It is this system, along with the nervous that is responsible for all the communication that takes for the proper functioning of body. There are 6 organs that form a part of the endocrine research and study namely the thyroid, adrenal glands, the pituitary, pancreas and the two sexual organs - ovaries and testes. A specialist in this domain would be the one treating patients with problems in these glands or their functioning. There are a lot of problems that are associated with the improper functioning of this system. If you're thinking about becoming a doctor consider endocrinology!

The work domain of an endocrinology specialist

As mentioned above, an endocrinology specialist is associated with the study of the illnesses ranging from theirs symptoms, their management to their rectification. It is for them to evaluate the causes of the disorders and the way the harmonic balance has to be maintained in order to reach a level of stability.

The research and the treatment are the consequences of the extensive experiments that are carried out in the laboratories. The tests are done on subjects by injecting the hormone into them and analyzing the effects of it. This process is known as stimulation and suppression. The analyzing is done by studying the old and the new blood samples for the change in the content of the under consideration hormones. All this is a collection of complicated steps for which a decent level of knowledge in the fields of biochemistry is required.

The images of the organs of the endocrine system are mapped to compare the findings from the experiments. This is done for the confirmation of the diagnosis and its effectiveness. The main requirement for this is the ability to keep the human variation different from that of the disease.

The concept of endocrinology research is not limited to only the disease. As some of them can be a lifelong burden on the patient (as in the case of diabetes), there is a need to care for the patient too. Because every patient is different in terms of the psychology and body structure, it becomes important to know the person on an individual level. This is known to bring about results that are much better than those seen by mare prescription giving methods. A good proficiency in the subject of endocrinology research can get a doctor to become an active member of the various teaching and management firms that deal in this field.

In order to become a certified endocrinologist, one has a lot of studies to do. There is a need to complete 4 yr tenure in the medical school after college followed by 6 years in residency ap. It is only after the successful completion of them does one get the certificate to practice endocrinology.